About Us

It all started with a vision, "to serve".  A vision by Jim Martindale in 1978 to repair a troubled Chevrolet, Oldsmbile, Pontiac dealership in New Madrid, MO.  It was 1978.  A time when the prime interest rate hit well over 18%.  And as a result, caused main street businesses in New Madrid to go from boom to bust.  Before 1978, New Madrid had a Buick, GMC dealership, a Chrysler, Dodge, AMC, Jeep dealership,  a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealership and a Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac dealership.   It was a time that required very hard work, long hours, and miracles from a greater power than humanly possible.  Living on a prayer seemed to be the theme at that time.  Jim started hiring people that understood "to serve".  If you were a person that could feel the warmth inside from serving others.  You were hired.  Serving others meant more than money.  It meant to do your best every day to maximize every customer's hard earned dollar.  Whether it was spent on a car purchase, a service repair, a parts purchase, or a body shop repair.  Sacrifice today for tomorrow.  Meaning do not waste.  Every dollar we waste is one more dollar a customer must spend.   Keep overhead as low as possible.  And as a result, all prices on cars and services will be at the lowest price possible.  Moving forward required surviving economic and family tragedies.  From high prime rates, stock market crashes, oil embargos, middle east terrorism, gulf wars, bank collapses, housing market collapses, factory closings, bankruptcy's and deaths in the family, for over 40 years, Martindale Chevrolet had to weather all the storms that could have sank her.  We could not have done it without YOU!  The customer!  Thank You!  Together we battled through every natural and man made disaster.  What a ride it has been.   As we enter another decade of 2020,  we know we are faced with bigger and more unforeseen challenges that man and nature will throw at us.  But no matter what, you can depend on us to be there for you.  It's been our desire to serve, no matter where you purchased your vehicle.   We take pride in serving all of the five state area, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri.  Other dealerships have policy's, if you did not buy here, you do not matter.  We want to earn your business in sales, service, parts, and body shop; it does not matter where you purchased in the past.  To meet your high level of expectations, and deservingly,  it takes a dedicated team of experts in sales, service, parts and body shop.  We are here to meet the challenge with a smile and an inside fear, we can do it.   Experience is what it takes.  Martindale's has one of the most experienced teams in the area. Here is list of the team with just time at Martindale Chevrolet:   In sales, Zip McKinney with nearly 20 years.  Financing, Jayme Kolwyck with over 20 years.  As service manager, we have Diana Babb with a decade.  Her team is made up of five highly qualified and trained technicians.  Rob Griffin an ASE Master Technician with  20 plus years.  In the body shop, we have  Eric Russell with decades.  Rachael Howell, office manager with over a decade.   Mark Kolwyck, general manager with over 25 years.  A team proud "to serve"  you at Martindale Chevrolet. 

 With your support, we look forward "to serve" you many more years. 

Thank You!

Martindale Chevrolet, Inc. founded 1978.